UNICEF UK Rights Respecting School

At the end of last term we had our UNICEF UK Rights Respecting School Level 2 re-accreditation assessment.  Our two external assessors made some wonderful comments about our school work:

“Children’s rights and respect for rights are promoted through all aspects of daily life, with the whole school community living, and breathing a rights respecting ethos.  The schools has intricately linked their 3 Rs (‘Respect and Care for Ourselves’, ‘Respect and Care for others’ and ‘Respect and Care for Our Environment and the World in Which We Live’), the Christian Values and British Values to the Convention.

It was very clear to the assessors during the visit that everyone promoted and modelled an ethos of mutual respect for rights; this was not only modelled by staff and pupils but also by parents and governors.  All pupils interviewed on the day demonstrated an outstanding knowledge of rights and saw themselves as rights holders.

All adults and pupils met on the day were committed to championing the rights of others not only in their school but locally, nationally and globally”

Sarah Moore, Executive Headteacher, said, “I would like to say a huge thank you to all the staff across the school, particularly Mrs Goold who leads our UNICEF work, all our pupils, particularly our UNICEF Ambassadors and to our governors and parents/carers for continued support and enthusiasm.”