Key Stage 1 welcomed Father Peter into school to lead their Harvest Collective Worship.  The children were in good voice singing 'Everywhere Around Me' as the opener to the service of thanks. Father Peter spoke about the importance of harvest and the reasons why we had come together on this special occasion. He helped the children to understand why we should say thank you. During the next song 'Big Red Combine Harvester' the children sang their hearts out before they joined with Father Peter in a Harvest prayer. Father Peter invited children from each class to take their Harvest produce baskets up for the blessing. The children treated everyone present to their animated version of 'The Sun Came Shining Down' complete with actions. Our Harvest Collective Worship came to an end with Father Peter reading one of his own poems celebrating the diversity of Lincolnshire Life.

The food generously donated by our children and their parents will be sent to Bourne Foodbank.