The children were visited by different presenters and workshops organised by the Bourne Scifest committee who fund these activities from generous donations from local businesses, schools and grants.

The children in Nursey were encouraged to explore forces and movement by Green Bean Dance. They had fun moving to music and floating and catching feathers. Reception children were invited to meet an array of creatures including a corn snake, a tree frog and a rat called Princess Katie! They learnt what these animals like to eat and many of the children got to hold or stroke these beautiful creatures.


Year 1 and 2 children were amazed and entranced by Dr Matt Pritchard who showed them how to do magic tricks based on key Science ideas using things you can find in your own home! This included a magic diving bottle and how to step through a piece of paper!


The Science Boffin Ady visited Year 3 and astounded them with the disappearing water trick, exploding potions and the crazy toilet roll holder! In Year 4, the children were ‘fully charged’ by the 1,000,000 Volt ‘Juiced’ show hosted by James Soper. They learnt how conductors and insulators work as well as seeing a ‘real-life’ light sabre made in front of their eyes!


Year 5 was a wild place to be on Friday when they were visited by the Exotic Animal Encounters team who brought with them a 3.5m Burmese Python, a meerkat, a crocodile and a tarantula called Charlotte! The sky was the limit for the Year 6 pupils who were visited by the Starlincs mobile planetarium. Inside the giant inflatable dome, they were shown constellations that can be seen in the night sky as well as how the sun, moon and planets make up our solar system. 


All in all it was an amazing week, engaging and offering pupils opportunities to broaden their minds and deepen their love of learning.