Year 6 WWII Enrichment Day

The assembly was set around a family in the war time with the first scene set around a wartime family hearing Winston Churchill’s speech announcing war on Germany. It continued with a variety of scenes portraying many aspects of life throughout WW2. A particular favourite sketch was the Dad’s army scene which had superb comedy that really captured the essence of the Land Army and their lack of resources. This year, Year 6 included an exclusive ‘bake off’ scene which explored how difficult it was to make tasty meals from the rations people had! Mary Berry, Paul Hollywood, Mel and Sue all made their appearance to question the contestants overuse of ‘carrots’ as a staple in their meals!

 Following their assembly, the pupils immersed themselves in our WW2 enrichment day where they baked rationed and eggless Christmas cake (which was delicious!). Y6 also had a competition to create the most secure air-raid shelters using basic materials; once the given time was up, these had to withstand water, high winds and heavy weight. On top of this, the pupils investigated enigma and learnt about the code-breakers at Bletchley, using this to decode and create our own secret messages. We linked this to our science work where we have been learning about electrical circuits and using bulbs and switches to work with Morse code messages. A truly fantastic day of learning!