Year 6 WWII Projects

Mrs Moore (Executive Headteacher) who came to view the projects on our special hand in day, commented that, “They really are a stunning example of take-care homework and how creativity can inspire learning and in particular writing.”


The children were all so motivated and inspired and it was amazing to see so many unique projects that had clearly had so much love and work poured into them. In our ‘sharing’ time, where the staff and pupils had time to show off their own and view others’ projects, it was clear that everyone was genuinely was blown away by the quality of what the pupils had produced.

There were so many different examples of how the pupils had presented their fantastic learning, from a scrapbook of hand-written letters and photographs from different viewpoints of people in the war, to a real 3D aeroplane model covered in WW2 information to a WW2 shell full of handwritten diary entries and more! Wow! We are so proud of our pupils and look forward to our next topic: Just what was so mysterious about the Mayans?