Year 3 Stone Age Experience Day at Newball Woods

All of the children had a fantastic time with Matthew and Maria from Wildwood Craft, travelling back in time and learning all about life during the Stone Age. Once they had arrived in the Neolithic settlement, their first challenge was to light a fire to keep warm, cook their fish and to scare away the ferocious beats. They used flint and fire strikers to light their own fires and were chuffed to bits when they saw their bundles of twigs, sticks and logs slowly begin to burn.


Matthew and Maria, the Stone Age experts, then demonstrated how tools were made in the Stone Age through the process known as flint knapping. Using their primitive tools of sharpened flint, some children had the opportunity to take part in the rather gruesome task of preparing and gutting the mackerel, before placing a stick through the centre and cooking it over the fire. Although many were reluctant to try the fish at first, nearly all the children eventually had a small taste and soon there was nothing left.


During lunch, Matthew demonstrated how water was boiled during the Stone Age. This was done by placing hot rocks into a wooden basket and then into a container of water. The children couldn’t believe this was going to work, but soon enough they could see the steam rising and the bubbles boiling. After that, Matthew demonstrated another method of fire lighting using a bow drill. Then, there was no time to lose as the Wolf Woman predicted a terrible storm would to hit the camp. So the children had to scour the forest looking for sturdy branches from which to make a shelter. The teachers stood back in awe as the children showed amazing team work, fetching and carrying the strongest and heaviest branches they could find.  


The children all agreed they had a fantastic time, and the experience was a brilliant way to bring the topic to life. They are now looking forward to continuing their History lessons with this awesome insight into life in Neolithic times.