E-Safety workshops

He talked to Year 5 and 6 about how technology has changed but also how some things are still very similar e.g. games. They discussed the positives of the internet, what they like about it and what they use it for then they also had a chance to moan about the internet to say what they don’t like about it as children. After that, the children looked at what they could share online, the different apps they use and thought about their terms and conditions. Year 5 and 6 really enjoyed listening to Dan and sharing their viewpoints.


After that, Dan worked with Year 2, 3 and 4, where he discussed the importance of politeness and courtesy online and offline. He also referred to the schools ‘Safe Hands,’ as responsible adults the children can talk to if they do find themselves in tricky situations. Then he worked with Reception and Year 1, talking all about how they can be superheroes online and not give away any of their personal information. He also emphasises the importance of adult support and talking to adults. Dan was able to work with the staff at the school before finally working with some of our parents. All of the sessions were thorough and relevant to our children but he focused on the positives of the internet and how they can ensure they stay safe online. The children have really enjoyed working with Dan and they definitely learnt something new.

Bailey Year 6 eCadet- “Today was really helpful to understand what age the apps are aimed at but also how to use them safely.”