eCadets are here!

The eCadets is run by a team of parents, former law enforcement officers and teachers – who all want to help keep children safe online. eCadets is an online safety education programme with age specific content. It is multi-award winning and has a proven impact in helping children to be safe online as they start to engage with devices and as the digital world becomes an increasing part of their lives.

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In Key Stage 1, we have mini eCadets from each year group. The learning for mini eCadets comes through the form of classroom activities, which are led by teachers in the classroom (supported by the mini eCadets). They are extremely proud and excited to be part of the team and have already begun their first challenge about what information they should share.

In Key Stage 2, the Year 6 representatives created a trailer to encourage the rest of the children to join their team. The children had to apply to become an eCadet and after a very hard decision the eCadet team was created. They are full of enthusiasm and have begun planning their lesson about ‘Digital Footprint’, which they will teach to their peers.

The mini eCadets and eCadets have taken to their role extremely well, wearing their badges with pride and they cannot wait to see what their next challenge will be.