Lincolnshire Carbon Ambassador – Action Week

.  The scheme aims to teach pupils about ways in which we could reduce our energy consumption and our global carbon footprint.


We have an amazing Carbon Ambassador committee of year 5 and 6 children who have been busy investigating and exploring energy saving opportunities. They have diligently completed an energy audit and have a created an action plan of short-term and long-term targets.


The Carbon Ambassador’s launched Action Week with an assembly to raise awareness about how energy impacts on the global carbon footprint.  Each class was given the challenge to record the temperature of their classroom at different times of the day. Which classroom was the hottest? Which classroom was the chilliest? This data will then be analysed and each class which has taken part, was presented with an Energy Rosette.


We were delighted that Vanessa O’Brien (SCORE Officer) visited our school and explained the Greenhouse Effect to the children in an assembly. The children took part in a role-play, which made the concept of the Greenhouse Effect accessible and meaningful for the youngest children to school.


Vanessa O’Brien has been busy number crunching and has calculated an amazing 21% energy consumption saving during Action Week.  Well done everyone!


This has been an amazing start to our school’s Eco-Schools journey.