Year 6 Trip to France

As well as lots of opportunities to use our fantastic French skills (especially to order our own French Crêpes!) we were able to visit many historical sites linked to French history and culture. En route, we visited Dover castle and were able to follow the life of a WW2 pilot who was unfortunately cut down over the Channel and explored his journey through the conditions in the still-remaining, underground hospital.

After settling into the Chateau, our first morning saw us visiting the capital city of Normandy learning about its architecture, Joan of Arc and the Black Death that plagued the city. We then visited Dieppe to learn about the WW2 beach landings and operation Jubilee, followed by a trip to an organic French farm. Here, we were able to spend some time with the animals and see them being milked before having the cheese-making process explained to us and an opportunity to taste fresh produce! That evening, we were able to walk through the beautiful village of Criel-sur-mer to visit the beach to watch the sunset.

Our final morning saw us spending a full day on the Somme visiting five sites as our guides delivered personal stories of bravery and sacrifice. This moving day was ended with a remembrance service where we laid our Bourne Abbey wreath. In the evening, we were able to taste some real French delicacies including snails and frogs’ legs before a stop to the French market on our way home. “My favourite thing was trying the snails and frogs legs- I liked both of them!” Commented Grace. We were so proud of all our pupils and the way they embraced the French culture and language whilst demonstrating the upmost respect and understanding of the impact of the world wars.