Oh, Year 1 do like to be beside the seaside!

The very excited children were temporarily transported back to Edwardian times for a day out at the seaside. Their imaginary journey began with a quick insight into the past. They giggled at the idea of wearing the bathing costumes, marvelled at the idea of being taken into the sea in a bathing hut, wondered at the metal bucket and wooden spade and gasped at the measly amount of ice cream you got in a penny lick glass!


Then it was time for the real fun to begin. They couldn’t wait to find out what was awaiting them on their seaside adventure. After jumping out of bed, getting washed and dressed, packing a lunch and making their way to the station, their journey began on a noisy and smelly steam train and they were jostled in their seats as the train trundled on to the seaside. As they stepped off the train into the glorious sunshine they transformed themselves into seagulls and soared above the beach looking down on the day trippers below and watching out for leftovers! Soon it was time to settle back down and with the help of a parasol for the girls and a straw hat for the boys, the children were soon strolling down a seaside promenade greeting each other with a polite smile and a jolly Good Day. All too soon it was time for a ride on the beautifully painted carousel; going up and down and round and round. The children were all wearing big broad smiles as their seaside experience continued. After a scrumptious picnic lunch, they finally got to the part of the day they had waited for! After a quick change into their bathing suits and a wobbly journey in the bathing hut, it was time to play chase the waves before a quick swim in the chilly waves. ‘I wish, I wish, I was a fish,’ chanted the children and if by magic they were under the sea watching the sun sparkle on the waves.


Before no time at all it was time to return to dry land and settle down and relax in front of the brass band playing in the bandstand before them. They even got to conduct the band before an unexpected shower forced everyone to rush back to the waiting train. Goodness what a busy day! As the train chugged its way home, some very sleepy children reminisced about their incredible day out. The children thanked Steve wholeheartedly for taking them on such an adventure with the aid of just a few authentic props, some inspiring music and their own fabulous imaginations. WOW what a day!