PDSA Bronze Award at Pet Club

Well done to all the children who have contributed towards us getting the Bronze Award! We have spent time reading pet fact files and learning the five welfare needs. There were some case studies and we pretended to be vets working out what we could do to help the animal get better. During one session, we learnt that buying a pet can be really expensive and we need to think clearly about whether we can look after the animal for its whole life. The children have enjoyed stroking, holding and petting Eve, Bonnie, Bertie and Blossom. The children were shocked to hear that Bertie and Blossom were in the care of the RSPCA for a whole year and nobody wanted them because Bertie had no teeth! It was lovely to have a discussion about how we are all different and that it really doesn’t matter that Bertie has no teeth. I can’t wait for Pet Club with the Y2’s next term!