An explosive end to Year 2's topic!

WOW! What an explosive end to Year 2's fascinating topic  - The Great Fire of London! On Friday 9th February, fire fighters of Bourne Fire and Rescue brought their shiny red fire engine onto the KS2 playground and set fire to Year 2’s Great Fire of London houses that were made as part of their homework!

They all watched in amazement as the fire crew set the children's houses ablaze with just a few sparks. Just like in the Year 2 assembly about The Great Fire of London, it only took one spark to set the fire alight, and as the wind took hold, the glowing orange flames began to jump from house to house! In no time at all, the fire was raging through the houses—just as it did back in 1666! When the fire fighter started to put out the roaring fire with his hose, all of Year 2 let out a loud cheer! Hooray! The fire died down, until all that was left of their houses was a pile of ash and dust!

The children and staff in Year 2 would like to thank the fire crew at Bourne Fire and Rescue for taking the time to help enhance the children’s learning of The Great Fire of London. They really did end their topic with a bang!

The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about The Great Fire of London and this experience was the perfect ending to their topic.





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