Eco School Workshops at Bourne Abbey

 Anna led two informative assemblies to the whole school outlining the Eco schools Green Flag award. She explained what everyone, including pupils and staff, could do in school and at home to make a difference. Children in all year groups, who are part of the Eco Council ‘Green Team’, took part in small focussed workshops with Anna. In years reception to 3, Anna read the story ‘Who Will Save Us?’ about a group of penguins who are being affected by global warming. The children really understood how human actions are affecting the world but were also encouraged to consider how they could make a difference for example switching off lights and appliances, which are not being used. Each child created their own energy pledge and returned to their classes ready to make a difference.


During the afternoon, Anna completed a workshop with Key Stage 2 children focussing on how climate change is affecting us here in Lincolnshire. The children were shocked to find out what is happening and were keen to find out know what else they could do to make a change. The workshop ended with the children taking part in Eco games focussing on the problems faced and the differences they can make. Miss Worrall explained ‘the day was a brilliant opportunity to engage and inform all children in school of our Eco schools journey. The children are ready to make a difference to our world!’