Stone Age Experience Days at Nene Park

The day began with a scouting out challenge where the pupils became hunter gathers. They had to find out as much as they could about the environment around them before deciding if it was a suitable place to settle. Linking to their science, the children were able to identify a range of vertebrate, invertebrates and plant life. They used cards to identify the different leaves and trees around them and even found a millipede or two!

The day continued with a Stone Age Art activity, using natural resources found in the woods the children were set the task of creating their own paints to create art in the style of the Stone Age. Berries, mud, grass and moss made fantastic paints and the children were able to produce some creative Stone Age cave paintings.


The highlight of the day was making fire and shelters. Using fire strikers each child had the opportunity to light their own fire and after a lot of perseverance, everyone managed to light their cotton wool. It was brilliant to see the determination and smiles on the children’s faces when they completed the challenge! We were all really proud of them. The pupils then enjoyed making their own Stone Age shelter using just the materials and resources from the woods to help them.

The children realised just how lucky we are today, and how difficult it must have been for the Neanderthals all those thousands of years ago. It was a fantastic way to bring the Stone Age topic to life. Everyone had an enjoyable, educational and muddy experience in the woods!