Year 6 Cadbury World Trip

During the interactive Mayan experience, we learnt about the origins of the cocoa bean and how important this discovery was for the Mayan trading industry. Our understanding of the topic continued as we learnt more about the Mayan way of life and especially how a Mayan King and Queen should be treated: never turn your back on them or look them in the eye. Luckily this rule only applied for George, Vicky and Isaiah whilst they were wearing the impressive Mayan headdresses. As we toured the factory, it was amazing to watch the Cadbury chocolatiers work their magic as they revealed the ingredients and making of chocolate; it gave a fascinating insight into the rich heritage of the nations’ favourite chocolate brand and we even had a special taste of the melted chocolate whilst they tempered it- delicious! It was wonderful to engage in our Mysterious Mayans topic in such an interactive, exciting way and of course come away with some chocolate treats.