Money raised for Nyansakia

This money was raised by splitting our Sport Relief fundraising money this year – with the agreement of Sport Relief – half and half between the two charities.

We had been moved earlier in the year by an assembly Martin led in which he talked to us about the children in Nyansakia school being in desperate need of their own water supply for their school. At present, the children in Kenya have to share their water tank with the other people in their village. Often, there is not enough water left for the children by the time the villagers have taken theirs! Martin told us that if the school had their own tank and taps for water, they would not have to collect rainwater any more for washing their hands and drinking. We don’t often think about the rights we have to clean water and how we usually take this for granted; it was a really thought-provoking assembly.

We are really pleased that Sport Relief allowed us to split our fundraising money. The extra funds we have been able to donate to Friends of Nyansakia will be enough to buy a water tank for the school and we hope it will be installed by the time the new school year starts for the children there. This will help them to remain healthy and happy – what an achievement! We are so grateful to everyone who donated and collected sponsor money and look forward to being able to share photographs with you when it is installed and working.

For further information on how you too can support Friends of Nyansakia, please contact Student Council Co-ordinator Mrs Anderson via