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The adventure was based around a group of feisty young children, desperate to save their friends, The Three Little Pigs, from a most horrific fate. They discovered the evil Chester V had captured the piggies and was planning on making them into delicious bacon sandwiches. As soon as the children discovered this catastrophic news, they set about seeking help from their diverse group of friends and did everything they could to save the piggies’ bacon… quite literally.

During their meeting with Flint Lockwood and Sam Sparks, they decided to use Flint’s time-travelling prototype, The HoofyDoofyThrumpSkittle. With the ‘machine’s’ help they went on a slightly unsuccessful time travelling mission where they met the British archaeologist, Howard Carter and the Ancient Egyptian God, Anubis. Both gave them segments of a precious and mysterious map, which the children soon realised was providing clues to help them find their friends.