Trust in each other and in God

 Leigh explained to us that everyone has worries, both big and small, about anything and everything. Within school, we may even worry and make mistakes but that is okay. School is a safe place to make mistakes and part of life is about learning from our mistakes.

Leigh used oil and water to demonstrate our life worries; when we are worrying we aren’t trusting. Leigh poured oil (the denser worries) and water (trust we have in ourselves, others and God) into a jug together. The water had food colouring mixed into it to differentiate between the two liquids. Mia and Georgina (both pupils in Year 6) helped demonstrate that the two liquids don’t mix together, in fact they separated to show that you cannot worry and trust at the same time. Leigh continued to explain that we must trust in God and others as when you tell someone your worries- they become clear and separated enabling trust to grow.