Gardening Club

 Collecting grapesWhen we think of Harvest it is most likely that potatoes, carrots and pumpkins spring to mind.  But what about grapes?  In the Mediterranean climes of Bourne Abbey environmental area, a grape vine has been successfully growing for the last 2 years, since being donated by Sophie Woollard, a former pupil.

This autumn, a bumper crop of purple grapes has been harvested by the school Gardening Club.  The grapes were spotted and cared for by Mr Pateman, site manager, over the summer holidays.  Since September, the Gardening Club have been watching and waiting for the grapes to ripen.  Just the right amount of rain and the sunshine from the south facing aspect have produced large, sweet and juicy bunches which were picked last week.

The children used some of the grapes to make their own delicious and healthy fruit salads, with apples, pears and plums brought in from their own gardens at home.  The remaining grapes were sold the following day by Sophie’s brother, Ethan and his classmates as part of our Fruity Friday sale for Key Stage 2.