Shrove Tuesday & Ash Wednesday

 Bourne Abbey was a hive of activity on Shrove Tuesday with the unmistakeable aroma of pancakes wafting through the corridors.  The children in Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 were busy finding out not only how to make pancakes but also the history and traditions of Pancake Day. The reward for their hard work was of course eating the delicious pancakes they had made with plenty of their favourite toppings on top!

The following day, Father Chris led an Ash Wednesday Collective Worship and spoke about the Christian tradition of ashing.  The children were  fascinated to hear the ashes were obtained by burning the previous year’s Palm Crosses.  Father Chris explained that later in the day, he was leading an Ash Wednesday service whereby he would be marking the congregation with an ash cross on their forehead.  He explained to the captivated children why this was done.

Afterwards, there was an excited buzz down in Key Stage 1 as several children talked about the ashing and some even asked their teachers if they were going to ‘get ashed’!  In Year One, Ash Wednesday afternoon was spent in quiet reflection thinking about Father Chris’ words and the beginning of Lent.  The children thought hard about what they might give up or have less of during Lent, if they wanted to, with the majority saying chocolate!  They also thought about Lenten prayers and what they might do or give to others such as “I am going to try to keep my bedroom tidy to make my mummy happy.” and “I am going to give my mummy and daddy more cuddles.” We think there will be some very happy mums and dads during Lent if the sentiments of the children endure.