Rampaging Romans

 Year 4 were treated to a Roman-themed day, which was enhanced by all the pupils and staff wearing their best togas and laurel headdresses.  During the day the children worked independently making beaded jewellery broaches with clay and working together they had the opportunity to take part in an archaeological dig.  The Roman children kneaded, stretched and prepared dough to make Roman bread rolls which came out of the oven golden brown and ready to eat!  During art the pupils made Roman shields which, with their costumes, looked fantastic as they all tried marching as a legion – which proved very tricky!

Each member of staff in Year 4 had their own Roman name; Empress Ricardius thought the marching was developing well.  Duffius Maximus was so impressed with the bread recipe she is going to use it at home.  Gladiator Todius has now left to fight her next battle and Emperor Keeffius remained behind to finish her shield.  Empress Gwilliamus is still in charge of the archaeological dig that started within the Year Four atrium.

It was a fun day for all and it was the perfect way to bring our Roman history topic life.  Poppy said; “Making the bread was best, but so was the marching!” Edward said; “I wish we could have this every day!”