World War II Assembly

 On Thursday 12th November, Year 6, at Bourne Abbey performed an outstanding assembly about WW2, including phenomenal dancing, singing and acting!  Mrs Edwards introduced the assembly to family, friends, carers and parents.

The assembly was set around a family during war time.  The first scene took place in the family home listening to Winston Churchill’s speech announcing war with Germany and it was amazing to see the expressions on the audience’s faces which showed thoughtful reflection.

A particularly favourite sketch, during the assembly, was the Dad’s Army scene which had superb comedy that really captured the essence of the volunteer army and their lack of resources.  The singing was tremendous, the audience joined in and sang along to the songs which included ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’ and ‘We’ll meet again.’  It was heart breaking to learn that 55 million people throughout the world had lost their lives during World War II.  Some superb vocabulary was used when it came to the diary entries and an evacuation account that had been written by our very talented pupils.

The parents and carers thoroughly enjoyed the assembly and were moved by the empathy that had been shown by the children.  Amani commented, “I saw many people looking tearful whilst applauding us all.”  We followed the next day with a WWII Enrichment Day in costume, where we explored daily life during the war including rationed baking, Bletchley Park code breaking and WWII Blitz art.

We know that part of our remembrance is to focus also on the future.  We lit a candle to remind us of the light of hope that needs to shine brightly.  Hope that should focus us all on bringing peace and love to our world.

Written by Holly and Amani (Year 6)