Year 6 Mayan Reward Day

Our first activity involved clay. Having already studied the Mayan writing system and how the hieroglyphs were used to tell stories of great Mayan kings and priests, we decided to have a go at creating our own Mayan Stelae out of clay. We studied images of temple walls and stone structures found by historians, to give us ideas for our own tiles. Luckily our clay was soft and easy to inscribe our patterns, pictures and hieroglyphs, unlike the Mayans who would have spent days and weeks chipping away at the stone to create their image.

Activity number two was a mouth-watering activity, involving the much loved Mayan invention – chocolate. Our task was to create a delicious chocolate bar, using a range of ingredients. We had to melt the chocolate and then carefully mix or add our chosen ingredients to create the perfect bar. What a treat!

As if that was not enough Mayan excitement, we also looked at how Mayan women wove amazing designs into their fabric. The motifs mark the weaver’s cultural identity; so we used some of the basic patterns and designs to draw our own fabric designs.

The day ended with an exciting round of Kahoot and a chance to taste our chocolate bars.

Well done everyone. We’re now looking forward to our next reward day!