Easter Eggs-travaganza!

Egg rolling, painted eggs, Easter bonnets and competitions galore - all the year groups had so much fun, but here is a snap shot...

Year 4

Today at Bourne Abbey we had the most amazing time celebrating Easter in so many fun and eggciting ways. We want to thank you for all your help with the Easter hats, decorated eggs and eggs for our egg-rolling competition. It was no yolk judging the competitions. The children clearly worked egg-ceptionally hard and created some egg-straordinary designs. Mr Shore and Mr Revell both said how much they wished they had poached some of their ideas for their own egg-cellent eggs. It is safe to say a cracking day was had by all.  Please take a look and don’t egg-nore the remarkable designs: trust me some of them are truly shell-shocking.

(Thank you Mr Revell for all your egg based puns)


Year 6

In Year 6 we are always finding opportunities to further our learning: what an ‘eggcellent’ idea to develop our maths skills through our Easter egg rolling competition. Not only were the eggs ‘eggspertly’ rolled, but the children were able to practise measuring distances, converting between centimetres and metres and even using the school chess board to develop their understanding of co-ordinates. What an ‘eggshilarating’ maths lesson had by all!

(Quite good Mrs Dickinson, but Mr Revell wins!