Year 6 France Week

For those staying in Chateau de Chantereine, they were able to visit the stretch of coast where the Normandy Landings took place, and experience being invaders - running up from the shoreline. It was great to see the children confidently practising their French speaking skills, whilst ordering a crepe in Dieppe – and buying souvenirs in the French market!  One of the most popular activities was the visit to a traditional goats’ cheese farm, where the children spent time feeding the extremely friendly goats; tasting fresh goats’ milk; and learning how the milk is turned into the delicious cheese. On one of the days, the children had an opportunity to visit the thought-provoking World War I battlefields, where they showed true empathy as they listened to the horrors of the trenches, and later laid a poppy wreath at the Thiepval memorial. The children amazed all the staff with their independence, maturity and ‘get-up-and-go’ attitude – well done Year 6!


For those children who spent the week at school, they also thoroughly immersed themselves in the French culture: painting in the style of Matisse, and creating art work based on the Poppy fields of Normandy. Their fascinating fact-files about France reflected their enjoyment in finding out about French customs – and as always the children showed such a positive attitude to their learning.