Yo, Ho, Ho - its a Pirates Life for Me!

 The Reception pupils had an amazing time with the Partake Theatre Company, who provided an imaginative and interactive role play on the theme of Pirates!

The children loved dressing up as pirates and travelling the high seas. The Jolly Roger Ship sailed to islands far away.  Each island they arrived at was filled with fun and  mystery, including a variety of animals and a rumbling volcano.  After studying the treasure map carefully, the children found the buried treasure. Their faces were filled with surprise as they saw the jewels and golden coins inside.  It truly was a magical experience for the children and adults alike.

 Leading up to the event the pupils have used varied aspects of the curriculum to enhance their Pirates topic.  ‘Gold’ coins were counted and spent when they practised their numeracy skills and using ‘materials which float’ helped the pupils to make some fantastic Pirate boats.  The children are really looking forward to writing notes when they send a ‘message in a bottle’!