Farm Visit

 Sacrewell FarmThis term in Bourne Abbey, the Reception classes topic has been all about the farm in spring time. We have learned about different farm animals and then we went to see them for ourselves on our visit to Sacrewell Farm.

We had such an exciting day travelling all the way on a coach.  It was really  interesting to travel through villages, towns and a city and talk about the differences. Whilst at the farm we were able to visit the goats, rabbits and shire horses, see the new born lambs being fed and the pigs playing. We even managed to spot two beautiful peacocks who were very pleased to accompany us as we looked around! A highlight of our day was a very bumpy and windy ride on the tractor where the children got a chance to look further afield on the farm. We looked at the crops being grown and the farmers working hard on their trucks and tractors.

On our return to school we have done some fantastic writing all about our trip and talked about what we enjoyed the most and each class has been busy creating a big map of the farm to display in our classrooms, as well as making 3D models of farm animals.