Max Respect Tours

 We were really lucky that the Max Respect Representative came to see us before we went on our trip to Sacrewell Farm. She talked about being safe but still having fun! We had such an exciting day travelling all the way on a coach and Max Respect Bear helped us to remember how to keep safe. We all showed him how to fasten our seatbelt and walk really carefully and sensibly with our partner on the pavement. It was really interesting to travel through villages, towns and a city and talk about the differences. Whilst at the farm we were able to visit the goats, rabbits and shire horses, see the newborn lambs being fed and the pigs playing. Max Respect Bear watched us wash our hands after visiting the animals. Thanks Max Respect Bear - we know how to have fun but stay safe!

Thursday 15th January 2015

Hello my name is Max and I would like to tell you about my very exciting but scary trip I went on today.

I went on a big bus for the very first time, I wasn’t by myself because I went with Delphine who is the Max Respect Officer but it was still a bit scary because I haven’t done anything like this before. We went to where the bus lives to get on it and the drivers name was Stewart he was really nice but a little scary as well. As you will have guessed I am a little bit scared when I have to do something or meet someone new.

It was a school bus so I had my picture taken with the sign in the bus that said what number it was and were it was going, it was going from Ruskington to Cranwell so it wasn’t a little journey. I had to sit in a seat and put my seat belt on, so I was kept safe while the bus was moving. We left from the buses home, there was lots of buses there, to go to the school, where we had a special place to wait so that the cars could get past and then we had to wait for the children to come out of school.

When the children did they were ever so noisy, Stewart opened the bus door so that they could get on. They had to show him their bus pass, I’ve got one too and Stewart had to see that to make sure I was allowed to ride on the bus. But mine doesn’t have a bus number on it as I want to ride on as many buses as I can. They all got on in one place but they didn’t all get off together Stewart had to keep stopping so that some of them could get off and then we would carry on again.

Delphine left me by myself a few times when she went to speak to some of the children, I didn’t like that and was glad when she came back. She had to tell someone off for slapping someone on the face, that wasn’t very nice and I didn’t like it. I think you have to be good when you are on a bus otherwise the driver might not like it and tell you to get off.

After the last child got off we had a long ride back to where the bus lives, we had to go over a very busy road and Stewart had to wait until all the cars had gone by until he could go. When we got back we said thank you to Stewart for letting us ride on his bus, oh and I had my picture taken when I had my seat belt on, you can see my pictures here.