An EGGciting Time

 Chick this out!  The Reception class children were full of anticipation and eggcitement this week when they had a special delivery from the ‘Happy Egg Company.’  The children experienced the feeling of expectant ‘mother hens’ from the moment 10 eggs arrived at school, waiting for the wobble and rocking of the eggs just before the main event…..the hatching!

The eggs arrived in a lovely warm incubator and very slowly the chicks began to peck their way out of their shells, known as ‘piping’.  The children were excited to hear the chicks cheeping from inside the eggs and even clucked back to make them feel at home!  Once the chicks were out of their shell, they took a while to recover from all their hard work.  One by one the chicks all dried and fluffed up and looked really cute.  Then they were carefully moved, one by one, into the brooding box which had a warm lamp, bedding, food and water - everything a chick needs.  After a few days the children had the chance to hold the chicks which had become very tame.

The chicks add wonder and awe to our learning about life cycles and we will be making non-fiction books, full of chick facts.  Miss Bergmann, year leader, said; “It is great because it is hands-on-learning for the pupils many of whom would not have seen anything like this before”.  After a week the chicks are collected and rehomed with people who have the chick’s welfare at heart.  Some take a few for their garden/allotment, while others take more if they have a few acres of land to accommodate them.  The Reception team would like to thank the ‘Happy Egg Company,’ for providing such a wonderful opportunity for the children.