Reception Farm Trip

A beautiful spring morning greeted us as we arrived at the farm. The children were full of excitement for their first school trip of their school life.   We could hear the bleats of lambs and loved watching them skip across the fields. The lamb show was fantastic, we learnt so many facts about lambs and even had the chance to feed the lambs.  After looking at the large farm animals the children enjoyed seeing the pets in the Animal Village, there were rabbits, Guinea pigs and even some baby ducklings.  A visit to the farm wouldn’t be complete without the bumpy tractor ride, the children snuggled up on the trailer as we explored the farm, finding out information about the farm crops which were being grown. We even managed to squeeze in some time to go inside the mill and had fun navigating our way around the maze.


We had a super time on our trip to the farm and once we returned to school we made a large scale map of the farm, 3d farm animals and have written excellent recounts.

A huge thanks to Sacrewell Farm, for making the children’s visit memorable.