A Vintage Visit...

 This term Year 2 have been learning all about transport and how it has transformed over time.  Last week we went on a visit to see local residents and saw their collection of vintage cars.

We were fascinated to see the variation between the cars and we were able to closely examine them looking for clues to help us understand how cars have altered.

We loved the oldest car, the Ford Model T, which was built during the 1920’s.  It was just like the car Lizzie from the movie ‘Cars’.  We all found it very strange to think of a car having wooden spokes! Who knew that this is what they used to be like?  We felt very important getting to sit in the old Packard limousine and enjoyed imagining what it would have been like to be chauffeured around in such a luxurious vehicle.

After our thorough examination of all the cars, we carefully sketched our favourite vehicle. A popular choice was the Formula Ford 1600 Ray 84F, we just couldn’t believe our eyes that there was a real racing car before us!  We are now confident in explaining similarities and differences of cars from the past and cars of today.