The National Holocaust Centre

 Recently, Year 6 pupils at Bourne Abbey visited ‘The Journey’ at The National Holocaust Centre.

The Journey is the first exhibition to be built in the UK that teaches children about aspects of German society in the 1930s that contributed to the Holocaust. It tells the story of Leo, a fictional German-Jewish boy living in Berlin during Nazi rule who eventually arrived in the UK on the Kindertransport.  The children were able to interactively explore life in Nazi Germany from the perspective of Leo and reflect on their experiences as they journeyed through a series of rooms, which not only detailed Leo’s experience but also that of children who lived during the Holocaust and survived.

We were also able to listen to two Holocaust survivors who detailed their own journeys and how they found life during WW2.  Year 6 were very moved by their visit and understood the importance of what they had learnt and how it  might affect their choices in the future to ensure a better life for everyone.

James Griffiths (Director of Learning) at the National Holocaust Centre, said:

‘The learning programmes at The National Holocaust Centre encourage students to focus on the importance of the ‘choices’ individuals make. They also teach students about the consequences of not challenging discrimination and propaganda and failing to value diversity.’

The visit was a superb learning experience and Year 6 were exemplary in their mature attitudes, questions and responses. We look forward to using the experience of this visit in our forthcoming WWII project where we will delve deeper into life during the war.