Delaine Bus Visit

On Friday 23rd October, Year 2 went on an incredible adventure to the Delaine Bus Depot as part of our ‘Transport’ topic.

We ventured to the depot and instantly fell in love with all the Delaine Buses which we could see parked up.  We had never seen so many buses in one place before!  We were welcomed by Mr Delaine-Smith and his daughter Jennifer, who told us all about the amazing history of his family’s business.  We learnt how Delaine Buses dates back to 1890, and began as a horse and cart!  The very first motor vehicle was introduced in 1919, and cost £495.  We all agreed that a modern Delaine Bus would cost a bit more than that now.

 Delaine Bus DepotAfterwards we were taken around the depot to explore it further. We saw the store room which was covered in lots of interesting artefacts, such as huge windscreens, spare wheels and an enormous jet wash.  Next was a ride on one of the double decker buses, where we enjoyed riding round Bourne and spotting the familiar sights in the town.

But the highlight of the day had to be our ride through the double decker bus wash  All that could be heard were our squeals of delight as the ‘blue tornadoes’ brushed on to the windows.  We felt like we were under water, or in a waterfall!

All in all, we had a fantastic time at the Delaine Bus Depot and we’d just like to say a massive thank you for letting us spend the morning exploring the depot. We can’t wait to come again next year!