Children in Need

 Reception ClassPudsey and all things Children in Need took over Bourne Abbey on Friday 13th November!  The children had a jam packed day filled with activities in aid of Children in Need.  We wanted to raise as much money as possible for this worthwhile cause and to help make this fundraising event one to remember.  It is part of our school’s Christian ethos to understand the need  Nurseryto help others less fortunate than ourselves.

 Year 2Everyone had the opportunity to dress up as their hero for the day; doctors and nurses, Spiderman too, lots of princesses came along for the view.  Some dressed as their teacher, another a creature, Amy Johnson flew in and no one could reach her.  Princess Leia looked amazing, the footballers cool, we all had a great day and supported our school!

The Bourne Abbey Bake Off was a huge success with some fantastic decoration and the afterschool cake sale made the Children in Need fund soar!  A very big thank you to all the parents/carers who contributed to the charity and to the pupils, some who donated their pocket money towards the event.  We were very happy to donate £832 to the Children in Need charity.