Magnificent Music

 On Thursday 10th December, Year 6 had an amazing opportunity to work with Purcell National School of Music.  Impulse (the outreach group) have won local and national awards and inspired thousands of children through their performances and creative workshops. Several students came to deliver an incredibly exciting, engaging and educational workshop sharing their passion for music.  The afternoon included huge amounts of fun and learning and the children were able to discuss musical instruments’ names and musical features as well as developing their own rhythmic understanding.

The young musicians were very talented and played a range of musical genres and songs including Pallido and a range of music through the decades.  The children discussed famous composers and their musical styles as well as listening and responding to performances and analysing dynamics, timbres and tonality.  Towards the end, they were also able to play the instruments. Year 6 felt incredibly lucky to have such a special afternoon of workshops and performances and were totally inspired!  Many are now asking grown-ups if they can start learning their own instruments!