Lots of Patterns....

 The Reception children have had a fun filled day learning all about patterns in our environment.

On Friday 15th January we had a competition to come to school dressed in as many patterns as we could find!  This included tartan, spots and lots and lots of stripes!

The pupils learnt how to read, copy and create their own patterns in lots of different activities both inside and outside the classroom; including making pattern bookmarks, wild animal ripped pictures, pattern necklaces and large patterns outside.

We rounded off our day by going on an exciting pattern hunt, equipped with a magnifying glass and ipads to record lots of natural patterns found in our world including brickwork, carpets and bark.

Next week, we will continue our perfect pattern learning by reading ‘Elmer the Patchwork Elephant’. We will decorate a patterned Elmer, retell the story and make exciting patterns by colour mixing!