Nursery Admissions

 Our Nursery offers places for 15 funded hours per week for 3 and 4 year olds and we are currently taking applications for children born between 1st September 2012 and 31st August 2013.  Wrap around care is offered by our Kindergarten, Breakfast Club, After-School Club and Holiday Club.

At Nursery we believe that children flourish when home and nursery work closely together to ensure individual children’s needs are met.  Our team strive to provide a warm, caring and stimulating environment in order to capture children’s interest and enthusiasm for their learning.  We aim to form firm foundations for young children’s care, learning and development and follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework that sets out the standards for all early years providers.

Personal, Social and Emotional development permeates through everything we do as children need to be provided with experiences and support to develop self-confidence and self-awareness, form good relationships with other children and adults and have the skills to manage their feelings and behaviour.

With this in mind Nursery is set up to provide children with amazing opportunities to learn through their play such as role-play and small world play which captures and develops their imagination, mathematics and literacy opportunities to lay foundations for reading and writing. Children learn about the world around them and use technology to support their learning e.g. an interactive screen.  Creative play, using media and assorted materials gives children the opportunity to explore, experiment, design and reflect on their creations.

Our outdoor area offers a curriculum including all of the above however it has recently been redeveloped to offer children of all abilities a range of challenges in their physical development.

Applications close 28th February 2016 and forms can be obtained by calling the school on 01778 422163 or emailing