Safer Internet Day

 This week Bourne Abbey have focused on E-safety with National Safer Internet day on Tuesday 9th February. Throughout the school everyone has been participating in engaging and exciting lessons that have helped the children become more aware of online safety. The theme this year was ‘Play your part for a better internet’ which helped celebrate and respond to differences online.

In Reception, the children have discussed how to keep safe and thought about their safe hand of 5 people who they can talk to if they have any problems. In Year 1, they have looked at the importance of valuing our differences and why we are all individual, like and do different things.  Year 2 have been looking at how to stay safe online and have created their very own eye-catching posters to remind them what they need to do.

In Lower Key Stage 2 the children have been delving into E-Safety and have had some fantastic discussions about why they love the internet. In Year 3, the children have created their very own recipes on how to deal with problems online if they occurred. They loved learning: Zip it, Block it, Flag it and can tell you all about what it means. In Year 4, they have thought about the risks they may face online and make the appropriate choices, sorting statements into a Venn diagram.

In Upper Key Stage 2 the children have been exploring the positive and negative uses of the internet. In Year 5, they looked at a range of ways the internet could be used and how it affects their day to day lives. They also thought about how comments posted online can make people feel and consequently created a list of rules that they could refer to when using the internet. In Year 6, they received a letter about from a child that had posted a picture online and were receiving nasty comments, making them feel extremely sad. Year 6 are currently in the process of replying and giving their advice on what they do and how they should deal with this particular problem, so we will keep you posted.