London's Burning!

 Year 2 Great Fire of London AssemblyOn Pudding Lane, almost 350 years ago in 1666, the great city of London burst into flames!  The fire lasted for four whole days!  The Year 2 pupils of Bourne Abbey were transported back to that fateful night of the 2nd September 1666 and had a fantastic time this term learning all about the Great Fire of London.

Our assembly to all our parents/carers and families was a dramatic re-enactment of the Great Fire, which was a fabulous finale to the fantastic learning by Year 2 this term.  The children told the story, through the diary of Samuel Pepys, which began in Thomas Farriner’s bakery.  There was superb storytelling, a mischievous rat dance and marvellous singing which all helped to bring the story to life.

We had lots of fun rehearsing for our assembly and showing off all of our amazing learning, the audience  certainly learned a thing or two about the most famous fire in British history.  The children loved having the opportunity to show off the amazing art, design and technology which they had done; showing model Tudor houses, clay tiles and fire paintings. 

If all that wasn’t enough the One Day Theatre drama group came to work with us on a creative drama workshop, introducing a whole host of wonderful characters from the era, inspiring our budding thespians!