Dazzling Drama!

 Recently, six theatrical pupils from years 5 and 6 at Bourne Abbey C of E Primary Academy were given the opportunity to attend a dazzling drama workshop at The Deepings School. All children invited to the event were asked to bring a prop of their own choice to perform with. 

Swiftly, the afternoon began with the pupils, learning how to use their bodies in still frames (freeze frames) by exploring the effect of different levels of heights within images.  Year five pupils included Cameron, Gracie- Mae and Rose worked together and looked at incorporating a remote control, ‘which could control the minds of people’, into their still image.

As the afternoon progressed, the children were asked to work within larger groups to plan and rehearse scenes for a final performance – a re-enactment of the three little pigs.  Kitty Ann, Warren and Dominika, from year six, combined with children from another local school and began sharing and incorporating each other’s ideas immediately.  Both teams worked collaboratively with other local schools for their performances – which was a huge success!

All the Bourne Abbey children used the many skills they learnt throughout the afternoon and implemented them into their final performances for example; comedy, gesture, mime, expression, levels and voice.  This resulted in the group including the pupils from Bourne Abbey winning gold for both performances!  Hoorah!

“It was amazing – I loved learning about how the height of people during a performance (the levels) can have such an overall effect on the audience.  Mr Smith was very helpful and I learnt so much from him. My confidence has increased and I would l like to look at drama more in the future,” exclaimed Cameron.