Wonderful World Book Day

 Year 2 World Book DayDuring World Book Day the whole school buzzed with book excitement.  All the pupils and staff came dressed in their favourite book characters and looked amazing!  A marvellous assembly was held for Key Stage 2 and each year group had the opportunity to read out passages from their preferred books.

Every year group was brimming with book activities.  In the Nursery the children brought in their favourite books from home to share with everyone.  Every 20 minutes the children enjoyed a ‘Book Stop’ whilst a story was read in the book corner.

Following their current theme of farms and especially chicks, the Reception children enjoyed reading farm and animal based books.  A favourite was ‘Rosie’s Walk’ by Pat Hutchins.  Originally published in 1968, Rosie the hen takes a walk, although she doesn’t know it, the fox is chasing her!

The Year 1 children read stories and composed their own reviews on author Julia Donaldson books.  The experience was enhanced by a visit from the Year 4 ‘Book Buddies’, who read ‘Room on the Broom’ to the class.  Year 2 delved into the world of characters and made their own descriptions of their much-loved personalities. The children also made some incredible and very useful bookmarks.

Hilarious riddles were performed in Year 3 and some of the children delivered an entertaining episode from the book ‘Boy’ by Roald Dahl during the Key Stage 2 assembly.  The afternoon was spent designing a book token for the National Book Token competition.

Year 5 selected their most favourite book and created an alternative front cover.  They also completed book reviews and had a terrific time sharing reading books with Year 2.

Finally, in Year 6 the pupils produced book covers in ICT and some designed persuasive power points to encourage someone to read books.  They relished the experience of reading to the Nursery children who bombarded them with books!