Peterborough Cathedral and Mandir Visit

 Year 3 had a truly fabulous day on Tuesday 8th March, when we visited the Bharat Hindu Samaj Mandir and Peterborough Cathedral.

As we entered the Mandir, we were struck by the sense of calm and tranquillity.  We took off our shoes to make sure we kept the holy place clean and took our seats on the carpets in front of the vibrant shrines.  Our host then told us all about the different Gods and Goddesses and why Hindus might pray to those Gods.  She also told us about the stories of the Gods, including our favourite story of Rama and Sita and the monkey God Hanuman.  While we were there, we were able to look closely at the shrines and we learnt how Hindus leave offerings of food and water for the different Gods, also how they celebrate their birthdays.  Did you know, this year Shiva’s birthday was on March 7th!

Then we headed off to Peterborough Cathedral. When we arrived we were overwhelmed by the enormity of the gargantuan building.  It was so colossal and beautifully decorated it took our breath away.  We began exploring and while we were there we learnt about the different areas of the cruciform building.  In the west transept we learnt about Communion and how the altar is set.  Then we looked at the stunning stained glass windows and spotted the different stories that were being told.  One of our favourite items was the magnificent eagle pulpit.  We loved learning about the symbol of the eagle and the myth that they were so mighty they could look straight at the sun without hurting their eyes and as the sun is a symbol of God, it was believed that eagles could look straight at God.

As you can see it was a very busy day and we valued learning so much about the different religions and places of worship.  By the time we got back to school, we were thoroughly exhausted and our heads were buzzing with facts!  I wonder if ever again we’ll learn or see so much in one day!