Amazing Activities!

 Year 4 pupils on the high wire!The rainiest day in March, saw Year 4 stride out on their annual trip to PGL Caythorpe.  Our first stop was a tour of the training jets at RAF Cranwell, where the aeronautical expertise of the staff were tested to the limits by probing questions from the children.

Usually we would visit the police dogs stationed at the base but they were called out on duty as we arrived, so we were offered the very special treat of seeing the Cranwell Jazz Band rehearsal and we were soon dancing in our seats.

The sun was trying to break through as we left Cranwell on our last few miles to Caythorpe and the rain had thankfully subsided as we took our luggage from the bus and found our rooms.  Then it was straight out to enjoy the fantastic activities, the children worked amazingly in their groups encouraging each other in their activities to push themselves to the very limits of their bravery.

Possibly the most challenging of the activities, was the famous ‘high wires’.  Here the children had to traverse challenging obstacles 30 feet in the air, it was a challenge for some to even get to the top of the stair tower, but all their team mates encouragement helped some reach heights they didn’t expect.  Even though this activity was one of the most challenging on our trip I think we can safely say it was a firm favourite.  Friday morning saw a lot of muddy packing and time to fit in two final amazing activities.