Explorers Assembly

Year 1 Assembly It was the battle that everyone had been waiting for!  The climax of the past two terms in Year One was the performance of an exciting ‘Explorers Assembly’, penned by Year One teacher Mrs Trafford.

The question on everyone’s lips that morning was indeed “Who would be crowned the bravest explorer – Christopher Columbus or Neil Armstrong?”  The excited children laid out the facts about both brave men for their audience starting with Columbus.

“In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.  In 1492 a mariner brave was he.” sang the children. Even though he was the man who was famous for being wrong, the children explained why Columbus and his crew deserved recognition for their bravery.  With clear voices, the audience was regaled with dismal tales of revolting food and horrendous life at sea and included an extract from Columbus’ ship’s log.  Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry even made an appearance to critique the plate of salty ship’s or hard biscuits the pupils tried to feed to Mrs Moore, Executive Headteacher!

The catchy ‘One Step on the Moon’ song introduced the parents and carers to the second hero – Neil Armstrong.  A re-run of the space race between the Soviet Union and America set the scene for the momentous day Armstrong and his crew on Apollo 11 landed the Eagle on the moon.  Inspired by the news reader Walter Klondike, the pupils shared some of their own news reports of the historic day.  A groovy little space dance to David Bowie’s ‘Starman’ brought the fact exposing mission to a close.

The parents and carers were then asked to vote on who they thought was the bravest explorer based on the facts presented to them by the children.  Neil Armstrong was announced as the victor by Mrs Moore and the bravery trophy was duly awarded.  After the Assembly Mrs Simpson, Year One Leader, said; “The acting and singing today was outstanding from start to finish and we (the Year One team) are understandably very proud of our children and their accomplishment.  They worked extremely hard to make the Explorers Assembly come together.”