Super Stone Age Assembly

 Recently, Year 3 performed their Savage Stone Age spectacular!  The assembly told the story of a group of school children who, through the magic of their class mascot aliens, were transported back through time to the Stone Age.  When they arrived they were greeted by some seriously unimpressed Neanderthals, but they soon made friends and set about helping them with their hunting and foraging.

However, the expedition did not go smoothly and they were forced to fight ferocious, fearsome beasts in a terrifying slo-mo battle, and their attempt to find meat for the fire resulted in one measly squished shrew!  It wasn’t all doom and gloom though, and the school children witnessed a fashion show of the latest Stone Age trends, including mammoth tunics and sabre-tooth earrings.  The highlight for everyone was a lesson in how to light a fire from flint and sticks, which was demonstrated by some impressive gymnastics that had the audience gasping in awe and wonder!

Unfortunately, the adventure had to come to an end though, and while they briefly stopped for a nap, the cheeky mascots returned to repeat their magic and whisked them back to 2016.  When the children awoke, they all told stories of the hilarious dream they had shared. Because, after all, it was only a dream….or was it!?