Mosque Visit

Recently, Year 5 visited the Faizan E Madina Mosque in Peterborough.  This term Year 5 have been enjoying learning all about Islam and, as none of the pupils had visited a mosque before, they were most eager to see inside and find out more.  Before the visit, pupils had become familiar with many of the main features of this faith including gaining an understanding of the Five Pillars of Islam.

As the coach drew nearer to the mosque, the children spotted the high minaret and dome. They were greeted by the Imam and welcomed inside.  After taking off their shoes they went into the large central prayer-hall.  The Imam showed the main features of a mosque – the prayer carpet, mihrab and minbar.  The children enjoyed being able to wander around the prayer hall and have a closer look at everything.  Many of the children were particularly struck with the amount of marble in the building and the gold, decorative Arabic writing. The Imam performed a call to prayer and also showed the children how a Muslim prays.  The children had lots of questions to ask the Imam about every aspect of the Muslim faith. They really enjoyed their visit and the opportunity to see inside such a beautiful building.