Viking Invaders

 Recently, the pupils from Bourne Abbey C of E Primary Academy and Bourne Elsea Park C of E Primary Academy took part in a Viking adventure with Partake Theatre.  We were surprised to learn that not all Vikings were vicious, many came to live peacefully in Britain as farmers and skilful craft workers.  Our two Viking experience days were packed full of engaging activities; grinding corn, making a pot, spinning thread and hammering bracelets of silver!

In true Viking group fashion we discussed together where we would settle and build our large home or ‘longhouse’ - on a windy hilltop, in a shady forest, on the exposed shore or by the raging river?  We needed to know the best place to plant our crops and whether building a bridge would help our families to settle and trade goods such as honey,  tin, wheat, iron and wool.

During the afternoon our awesome drama skills were used as we became vicious invaders exploring faraway lands.  Each child dressed as a Viking warrior, proudly holding up their own, newly created, shield designs.  Stepping back in time the initiated Vikings learned how to row a long boat and fight a battle.

 We followed our leader Haegroth into a ferocious Saxon raid, but unfortunately, although we fought well, our leader was captured and we had to retreat for our own safety.  After a restless night we went back to get Haegroth, but he had been brutally killed by those savage Saxons!  Carrying him carefully, on logs, back to our ship, we raised our swords and swung them three times in the traditional salute whilst the wooden long boat was set alight.  Bright flames danced up into the night sky – as we worshipped our gallant leader.  In  Haegroth’s honour our Viking family decided to settle here in bountiful Angland and make peace with the Saxon rulers.

Throughout the day, by means of workshops and re-enactments, we discovered that Vikings were not only vicious invaders as we first thought, but also traders and settlers with many skills.  Partake Theatre were amazing and all the children gained valuable experiences and insight into our ancestors and this particular time in history.