Africa Day

 Bourne Abbey recently held their annual Africa Day.  Pupils took part in a variety of activities to raise funds for a Bourne based charity ‘Friends of Nyansakia’.  They also had the opportunity to use their artistic talents to design a new logo for the Friends of Nyansakia – a winner will be chosen from local schools.

Everyone was invited to come dressed in Kenyan colours (black, red and green) for the day and thoroughly enjoyed an afternoon of African themed art and craft, hair braiding, face painting, games and competitions.   The pupils had a huge amount of fun whilst being able to see first-hand what a difference donations can make for their friends at school in Nyansakia.  Our younger pupils in Nursery enjoyed learning about Africa and the fruit that is grown there.   They talked about and compared the difference between the fruit that is grown here in the UK and in Africa.  The children used all of their senses to explore a variety of exotic fruit and developed slicing skills when making their own exotic fruit salad.  They also learned the song “Jambo Bwana” and played musical instruments while showing off their dance moves on a catwalk!

 We were thrilled to hear the long awaited news that the pallet containing clothes, shoes, books and school equipment collected by Bourne Abbey has finally arrived in Nyansakia.

“We received the pallet on 1st June 2016 at 7.45 am and we took photos during unpacking of the 15 boxes.  We opened all the boxes before the Chiefs Lucy Akama and Vincent Bosire, School Board of Managements, Nyansakia self-help group members, some members of staff and pupils.

We issued them as seen in the photos, many of the dresses  or items fitted more to pupils of lower classes.  The community, many of whom were women and school teachers, took underwear. The whole Nyansakia community, school pupils, teachers and children’s parents benefitted from the donation.  If you were around you could have also realized their appreciations, pupils went home singing and wearing the donated clothes and shoes.

I want to register our appreciation, pass our regards to all Nyansakia Friends at Bourne Abbey.  God bless you.  Ishmael.”

Bourne Abbey is a UNICEF Rights Respecting School and is always proud to help children around the world who don’t always have the rights to which they are entitled; in Nyansakia, the right to an education and clean water and food.  Thank you to the whole school community for the massive team effort in supporting a local charity and children across the world!