E-Safety Workshop

Steve was amazing with all of the children and they loved participating in the workshop. In Key Stage one, the children entered the online gaming world using well-known fairy tale characters to highlight the importance of keeping safe online. The children worked in groups to help the characters in tricky situations.

In Key Stage two, the children also entered the online world thinking of superheroes and villains. Before they could enter the screen they had to change their identity so they didn’t give out any personal information and then they had to create a secure password using Steve’s top tips. Once they had entered the online world, the children worked in groups to help the superheroes navigate their way out of tricky situations. The children thought of questions they would want to ask the superheroes then they had to decide if it was a safe question or not by striking their superhero pose for a safe question and shouting “STOP! Get out and tell!” for an unsafe question.


“Steve was fantastic, I definitely learnt something new about staying safe online- making my password secure and memorable just for me is very important.” Oliver Speakman Year 6.

Key stage One classes also learnt about creating passwords and keeping their identity safe through an updated version of the story of the Three Little Pigs. They advised the Pigs when the Big Bad Wolf tried to email them to find out where they lived! 


Through the playful and fun storytelling, the children learned how to keep safe when playing on the internet and realised that the world inside the screen is perhaps not so different from the real world after all.